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A list of services provided by the group.

Folder Galaxy
Our group provides a customized version of the Galaxy framework, extended with own developed tools for machine learning based sequence analysis, computational gene finding, and quantitative transcriptome analysis.
Link EasySVM
A Support Vector Machine toolbox for classification of sequences and vectorial data.
A kernel-based tool for promoter analysis.
Link mGene.web
A web service for genome-wide prediction of protein coding genes from DNA sequences.
Link PALMapper
A short read mapping tool designed for accurate spliced and unspliced read alignments.
Link rQuant.web
A web service for transcriptome quantitation from RNA-Seq experiments.
Link rDiff.web
A tool for detection of differential transcript expression from transcriptome sequencing.
Folder GBrowse
Our group provides a customized version of the popular genome browser GBrowse, with more than 10 genomes. It help us to display genome annotations with next generation sequencing experiment results
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